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"Thanks to Tim my skills in recording, mixing, and production have taken a quantum leap. He has also helped improve my songwriting by encouraging me to think about the subtleties of different genres in the market. Tim is able to explain the magic behind advanced concepts like compression, EQ, parallel tracks, and mastering in both simple and technical terms depending on the context. You can waste a lot of time with amateurs who have not done their research or you can work with a pro like Tim who is extremely knowledgeable and yet still carries himself with humility."

- Ben Matthews (Music Tech Student)

"We went to Tim to master our debut album, and the results were great. We had sent the unmastered files out to lots of mastering houses and none of the spec masters came back sounding anywhere near as good as Tims. Glad we went with him, as it meant we could be more involved in talking about how we wanted certain sections and tracks to sound. Great guy, great ears"

- Andrew Halloway (Yearbook)

"I’ve been recording with Tim most weeks for the past 3 years and I've always achieved what I set out to do. Tim has worked as an engineer and producer for me and in both roles, he really gets involved and gives me options and opinions on what to do best. Incredible talent and all-around great guy!"

- Lewis Bolland (ALIAH, LewisBollandMusic)


£235.00 - £300.00 / day
£150.00 - £190.00 / half day
  • 9 hour days
  • Use of all studio equipment included.
£15.00 / hour
  • Full backing track production
  • Augment pre-recorded songs
  • Exclusive beats and instrumentals
£15.00 / hour
  • Podcast and video audio editing
  • Adjustments and tidying
  • Tuning and Comping
£15.00 / hour
  • E-Mixing available
  • Professional quality equipment
  • Professional Quality VSTs
£25.00 / track
  • E-Mastering available
  • Professional quality equipment
  • Unlimited minor alterations
£22.50 / hour
  • E-tuition available via Skype
  • AET qualified
  • Degree-level teaching

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